Achievement Definition and Meaning: What is Achievement?

Achievement Definition

a·chieve·ment (-chvmnt)


1. The act of accomplishing or finishing.

2. Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance. Synonymous with feat.

Noun 1. achievement - the action of accomplishing something


beachhead, foothold - an initial accomplishment that opens the way for further developments; "the town became a beachhead in the campaign to ban smoking outdoors"; "they are presently attempting to gain a foothold in the Russian market"

cakewalk - an easy accomplishment; "winning the tournament was a cakewalk for him"; "invading Iraq won't be a cakewalk"

exploit, feat, effort - a notable achievement; "he performed a great feat"; "the book was her finest effort"

masterpiece - an outstanding achievement

masterstroke - an achievement demonstrating great skill or mastery

credit - used in the phrase `to your credit' in order to indicate an achievement deserving praise; "she already had several performances to her credit";

action - something done (usually as opposed to something said); "there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions"

performance - any recognized accomplishment; "they admired his performance under stress"

track record, record - the sum of recognized accomplishments; "the lawyer has a good record"; "the track record shows that he will be a good president"

accomplished fact, fait accompli - an irreversible accomplishment

sledding, going - advancing toward a goal; "persuading him was easy going"; "the proposal faces tough sledding"

arrival, reaching - accomplishment of an objective

close call, close shave, narrow escape, squeak, squeaker - something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

attainment - the act of achieving an aim; "the attainment of independence"

freeing, liberation, release - the act of liberating someone or something

base on balls, pass, walk - (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"

haymaking - taking full advantage of an opportunity while it lasts

face saver, face saving - an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)

enlisting, recruitment - the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.)

smooth - the act of smoothing; "he gave his hair a quick smooth"



1. accomplishment, effort, feat, deed, stroke, triumph, coup, exploit, act, attainment

2. fulfilment, effecting, performance, production, execution, implementation, completion, accomplishment, realization, attainment, acquirement, carrying out or through It is the achievement of these goals that will bring lasting peace.

Definition of ACHIEVEMENT


: the act of achieving : accomplishment


a : a result gained by effort

b : a great or heroic deed


: the quality and quantity of a student's work

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  • The discovery of DNA was a major scientific achievement.

  • It was a great achievement.

  • Getting the project done on time was a real achievement.

Synonyms: accomplishment, acquirement, attainment, coup, success, triumph.

Personality trait characterized by an enduring and consistent concern with setting and meeting high standards of achievement. This need is influenced by internal drive for action (intrinsic motivation), and the pressure exerted by the expectations of others (extrinsic motivation). Measured by thematic appreciation tests, need for achievement motivates an individual to succeed in competition, and to excel in activities important to him or her.

'The act of accomplishing or finishing.

Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance'

Remember the definition:- Accomplishing. Finishing. By means of Exertion, Skill, Practice, or Perseverance.

Achievement meaning

  1. The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his object.

  2. A great or heroic deed; something accomplished by valor, boldness, or praiseworthy exertion; a feat.

  3. An escutcheon or ensign armorial; now generally applied to the funeral shield commonly called hatchment.


1 accomplishment, acquirement, attainment, completion, execution, fulfilment, performance, production, realization

2 accomplishment, act, deed, effort, exploit, feat, feather in one's cap, stroke

\ Definitions


  1. something that has been accomplished, esp by hard work, ability, or heroism

  2. successful completion; accomplishment

  3. (heraldry) a less common word for hatchment

\ Synonyms

= accomplishment, effort, feat, deed, stroke, triumph, coup, exploit, act, attainment, feather in your cap

= fulfilment, effecting, performance, production, execution, implementation, completion, accomplishment, realization, attainment, acquirement, carrying out or through

Achievement sentence examples

  • We celebrate achievements; we share in the success of our colleagues.

  • The overall winner for the most outstanding recent scientific achievement was the science adventure center at rotherham.

  • Achievement award entry did not arrive before the closing date?

  • Receiving the second ever chairman's award for a lifetime achievement in psychiatric pharmacy.

  • To improve pupils ' achievement and progress in games through developing high quality learning activities.

  • Achievement of the policy objectives is monitored by a ministerial advisory board.

  • The awards recognize achievements in the project work of students taking design & technology at advanced level.

  • For a first attempt the event was a remarkable achievement.

  • Achievement of this goal.

  • Particular attention will be given to strategies most likely to help raise achievement in the school.

  • Organizing your own relay for life is a tremendous achievement.

  • Target setting and external pressures for raising pupil achievement.

  • Achievement of the next target will require a further 1.5 million learners to achieve a first qualification by 2010.

  • This document provides guidance on the minimum evidence required to demonstrate school achievement of national healthy school status.

  • Career: Willem's main academic achievement was to solve Einstein's field equations for an ‘infinite’ rotating cylinder.

  • It was then, and remains 40 years later, the party's crowning achievement.

  • The government offices will be encouraging future bids aimed at raising levels of educational achievement.

  • This award scheme has been set up to acknowledge these achievements.

  • On the field, the young crop of talent continued to make excellent progress, with notable achievements at all levels.
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