AWOL Definition and Meaning: What does AWOL mean?

AWOL Definition

AWOL[pronounced as initials or ey-wawl, ey-wol]

adjective, adverb

1. away from military duties without permission, but without the intention of deserting.


2. a soldier or other military person who is absent from duty without leave.

Idioms .

go AWOL,

-to depart from military duty without leave.

-to absent oneself without explanation.

Also, awol, A.W.O.L., a.w.o.l.

AWOL Meaning

absent without leave: if someone such as a soldier goes AWOL, they leave the place where they are working without permission

a military abbreviation for “absent without leave” meaning someone is not where they are supposed to be. (adjective, adverb)

a private that does not return from shore leave at the right time is an example of a person who is awol.

awol, absent without leave, absent from somewhere without permission, especially from the army: Two soldiers had gone AWOL the night before.

What does AWOL mean?

  • Absent Without (Official) Leave. This is a term used by the military to describe the status of a soldier. It is now also used by civilians as a term to describe anyone who has taken off or is missing.

  • Alcohol Without Liquid. This is a machine which allows users to inhale vaporized alcohol mixed with oxygen through a tube instead of drinking an alcoholic beverage.

  • Military acronym for Absent With Out Leave, not "Absent Without Official Leave." A leave is always official or it's not a leave.

  • John Doe took off without permission and didn't show up for roll call. He went AWOL.

  • Absence without leave. A term that USED to be used in the military to mean not being at your post or duty station at the required time. Civilians still use the term but the military uses the term UA (Unauthorized Absence) now.

  • Did you hear about ODB? He's supposed to be in rehab, but he went AWOL.
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