Adjacent Definition and Meaning: What does Adjacent mean?

Adjacent Definition

adjacent [əˈdʒeɪsənt]


1. being near or close, esp having a common boundary; adjoining; contiguous

2. (Mathematics) Maths

a. (of a pair of vertices in a graph) joined by a common edge

b. (of a pair of edges in a graph) meeting at a common vertex


(Mathematics) Geometry the side lying between a specified angle and a right angle in a right-angled triangle

[from Latin adjacēre to lie next to, from ad- near + jacēre to lie]

adjacency n

adjacently adv

Adj. 1. adjacent - nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space; "had adjacent rooms"; "in the next room"; "the person sitting next to me"; "our rooms were side by side"

side by side, next

close - at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other; "close to noon"; "how close are we to town?"; "a close formation of ships"

2. adjacent - having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching; "Rhode Island has two bordering states; Massachusetts and Conncecticut"; "the side of Germany conterminous with France"; "Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho"; "neighboring cities"

neighboring, conterminous, contiguous

connected - joined or linked together

3. adjacent - near or close to but not necessarily touching; "lands adjacent to the mountains"; "New York and adjacent cities"

near, nigh, close - not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances; "near neighbors"; "in the near future"; "they are near equals"; "his nearest approach to success"; "a very near thing"; "a near hit by the bomb"; "she was near tears"; "she was close to tears"; "had a close call"



adjoining, neighbouring, nearby, abutting The fire quickly spread to adjacent shops.

adjoining separated, remote, distant, far away


(with to) next to, touching, close to, neighbouring, beside, near to, adjoining, bordering on, next door to, abutting, cheek by jowl with, alongside of, contiguous to, within sniffing distance of (informal), proximate to offices adjacent to the museum





lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: a motel adjacent to the highway.


just before, after, or facing: a map on an adjacent page.


1400–50; late Middle English < Latin adjacent- (stem of adjacēns, present participle of adjacēre to adjoin), equivalent to ad- ad- + jac- lie + -ent- -ent

Related forms

ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb

non·ad·ja·cent, adjective

non·ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb

sub·ad·ja·cent, adjective

sub·ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb

What does Adjacent mean?

The word adjacent refers to the distance relationship between two objects that are near in position to one another. Things that are nearby, very close to, or directly touching, each other are adjacent to one another.

Part of Speech:



next to, abutting


adjoining, alongside, beside, bordering, close, close by, contiguous, near, neighboring, next door, touching


adjacent means next to but not necessarily connected with, while adjoining means next to and connected - adjacent rooms are separated by a wall, adjoining are connected by a common door; things are adjacent when they are side by side, they are adjoining when they share a common boundary and adjacent may or may not imply contact but always implies absence of anything of the same kind in between


apart, away, detached, disconnected, distant, far, faraway, nonadjacent, remote, separate


lying near, close; adjoining. Just before, after or facing: a map on an adjacent page. Adjacent is commonly used in trigonometry.

Adjacent sentence examples

  • Control of the space immediately adjacent to your skin is crucial to staying warm.

  • In 2001 the group acquired the site adjacent to the broad lane factory which will enable further growth to be accommodated.

  • Adjacent pixels creates smooth, natural curves.

  • A bird hide is situated adjacent to the lake.

  • Moreover, Norway has a vested interest in helping to reduce the extensive environmental problems affecting the geographically adjacent area of northwest Russia.

  • For good measure I had also built a Turkish bath adjacent to the kitchen.

  • Adjacent landowners to install some signs.

  • The land is conveniently located adjacent to the main stable block.

  • Start from the streets directly adjacent to your home.

  • In the next week, a proposed skate park adjacent to the leisure center could be given the go-ahead by the council.

  • Adjacent higher land.

  • It lies adjacent to the main roman road running from York to Tadcaster.

  • The second is that Shakespeare captures entirely different moods from hilarious good humor to deep depression and remorse closely adjacent to one another.

  • Adjacent farmland use the meadow for feeding.

  • The new village sign was erected adjacent to Fords Green on Sunday June 24, 2000 at a ceremony around midday.

  • Located in Camberwell, Bernard Meyers house is almost adjacent to Camberwell college of arts.

  • Adjacent paddock.

  • We did not see this object join the original and appeared to be sitting adjacent.

  • Adjacent full bathroom whilst the second twin bedroom has a shower room.

  • This seating area stands adjacent to the magnolia center.
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